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Threats to Your Assets

Electrical asset protection has never been more important as our world has become more and more dependent

on electrical equipment designed to make our lives easier. The quest to make everything smaller has made our

electrical components more susceptible to damage from surges and ground potential rise (“GPR”).

The cost of a failure of equipment goes far beyond the cost of the equipment itself. While the cost of replacement can be significant the loss of continuity of operations and revenue can be far greater.

SensorGuard is able to protect your assets from the following threats:

Lightning Surges Through:

  • A direct lightning strike to an external circuit (outdoor) injecting high currents producing voltages by either flowing through earth resistance or flowing through the impedance of the existing circuit.

  • An indirect lightning strike (i.e. a strike to nearby objects which produces electromagnetic fields) that induces voltages/currents on the conductors outside and/or inside a building.

  • Lightning earth current flow resulting from nearby direct-to-earth discharges coupling into the common earth paths of the grounding system of the installation. GPR

Off Voltage Events:

  • All parts of the AC power grid experience voltage fluctuations and irregularities, especially extremities of the power grid. This results in off-voltage events that can seriously damage electrical equipment. Large consumers of electricity can also create spikes and sags in voltage for nearby customers.






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