Solution Selling

Industrial Solutions offers sales training programs for organizations seeking to develop consultative, solutions-based selling approaches. Utilizing the Everything DiSC Sales Profile program, and the 25 years of selling experience of the Industrial Solutions founder, John Von Thaden, this full-day sales program will help your sales team learn how to focus on customer needs and priorities.


Designed in cooperation with Drs. Jeff and Renée Hale of WellSpirit Consulting Group, Inc., the Solutions Selling training program begins with helping sales people better understand their own natural priorities and how they impact the way they sell.  Sales people will learn how to recognize the natural priorities of their customers and adjust their selling 

Helping salespeople learn to adjust their sales style and approach to match their customer's style is foundational for effective solution selling. The practice coincides with Habit 5 of Stephen Covey's book,  "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"; seek first to understand.


      approach to more effectively communicate, build rapport, and strengthen their position as a solutions-provider.


The program will emphasize how to gather information about the customer's preliminary solution concept, clarify and refine the defined need, and then successfully tie their products and services to this idea in a way that satisfies even the toughest customer.

The workshop can be customized for your sales organization, or you and your sales team can attend one of our open workshops. 


In the Workshop, participants will:

  • Identify their personal DiSC Style

  • Learn how to identify the DiSC Style of customers

  • Learn to adapt their selling approach to their customer

  • Understand how and why consultative selling works

  • Develop a new solutions-based selling approach

  • Develop a sales plan for a key customer

  • Learn how to better manage leads, tasks and opportunities

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Individual or Group assessments along with on-site interactive learning can also be scheduled.
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