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Appreciation @ Work

The Appreciation@Work Half-Day Seminar is designed to take your

organization through a series of exercises and discussions designed to help
build a culture of appreciation in your workplace.  Utilizing material developeby Drs. Gary Chapman and Paul White, plus the latest in research on communication and appreciation, the workshop will give you new tools and a greater understanding of what heartfelt appreciation looks like and the value of this to your workplace.

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Many managers and business owners often discount the importance and value of showing appreciation. 
There are significant correlations between high morale at work and being on the receiving end of appreciation. 
In fact, lack of appreciation was cited by 79% of respondents when asked for reasons why they left their last position.  Since job satisfaction is so crucial to an organization’s productivity and profitability, building a culture
of appreciation can have a huge benefit to your organization.

Through Appreciation@Work, participants will

  • Learn the importance of communicating Appreciation

  • Understand the various ways in which Appreciation can be communicated

  • Identify their own preferences giving and receiving Appreciation

  • Gain ways to determine co-workers, teammates, subordinates and supervisors preferences regarding Appreciation

  • Strategize ways to extend Appreciation utilizing the various preferences

  • Build a plan for communicating Appreciation over the next few months

Whether you are a small or large business concern, helping your team and your leaders improve their ability
to communicate appreciation may be the best investment you make this year.

Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a workshop or want more information about how we can bring
this program to your team.

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