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Mid-Continent Technologies, LLC is proud to exclusively offer SensorGuard, a proprietary lightning, line surge, and irregular voltage protection device that prevents damage to sensitive electrical assets. This unique device detects an increasing energy differential between the ground and atmosphere, allowing it to identify when lightning is about to strike, and removes electrical loads from the grid moments prior to a lightning strike. This approach of “Monitor, Detect, and Isolate” is often the best way to safeguard essential assets, services, and revenue streams. The heart of the system is the proprietary logic circuit that allows the device to determine when conditions are

  • Threats to your Assets

  • Lightning Damage is a Real Danger

  • What is Ground Potential Rise (GPR)?

  • SensorGuard Protects your Assets

optimal for a lightning strike. This patented design prevents lightning induced line surges and ground potential rise (“GPR”) from damaging an asset. SensorGuard can take up to an unlimited number of GPR events and protects sensitive assets from high and low voltage irregularities.


SensorGuard was designed to solve the issues that a local grain elevator was having with load cells on their scales. The customer was frequenctly having to replace the load cells after a storm passed through the area. SensorGuard has gone through years of testing and validation. The system has been in the field for over 15 years across four continents, protecting assets, improving continuity of operations, and reducing maintenance headaches.

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