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Industrial Solutions has been delivering value to customers for more than 6 years through contracted products and services.  Today our customers include industrial facilities, military bases, and governmental agencies (Federal, State and Local).  As a woman-owned, small business, we can uniquely deliver real value through partnerships with manufacturers and distributors who wish to offer their products through a highly efficient channel partner.

In additional to offering one-off product sales and support services, including logistics and delivery, on-site servicing, and training, Industrial Solutions also can provide technical and operational advisory, planning, and procurement services.  Our team has successfully developed high tech video surveillance and access control specifications, operational improvements, marketing and strategic plans, and resource planning.

Our goal is to become a trusted provide of all your operational needs.  As masters at procurement and delivery, Industrial Solutions is your go-to provider for all your needs. As  a cost efficient solution provider, we seek to deliver real value that keeps our customers costs under control while delivering timely and efficient solutions.

By partnering with Industrial Solutions, you get new team members helping you achieve your objectives and solving your most pressing challenges.  Why hire a consultant, when you can contract for the real management services you need? 

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Industrial Solutions now Offering Hand Sanitizer and other Industrial Supplies

Providing chemicals to our customers has been a part of Industrial Solutions since our launch and now we are offering Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant, and other PPE. Visit industrialsolutionslogistics.com to learn more and place your order...or call us at 1-630-403-TEAM (8326) talk about how we can meet your needs.

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  • Industrial Solutions launched government contracting division as an extension of our logistics services.

  • Industrial Solutions new training workshop: Appreciation @Work now available as a Zoom Conference.


  • Apprize Solutions, our non-industrial division is now focusing strictly on contracted management (sometimes called) fractional executive services, Apprize brings the unique Business Engagement concept to commercial business organizations. 

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