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 Management & Advisory Services

Results Oriented. Solutions Focused. Customer Driven.

Industrial Solutions has been delivering value to customers for nearly a decade through contracted management and advisory services.  Today we serve industrial facilities, medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers, schools, military bases, and governmental agencies (Federal, State and Local).

We leverage our expertise to provide contracted management services and leadership training. From digital marketing strategies to product development and systems design projects, we have provided our clients with marketing, operations, and management advisory services.

Our team has successfully developed high tech video surveillance and access control specifications, managed FDA 510(k) Medical Device clearance projects, devised operational improvements, and led marketing and strategic planning for our clients.

Your Partner


We want to be a trusted provider for all your contracted management and support needs. As a cost efficient solution provider, we provide value that keeps our customers' costs under control while delivering timely and efficient solutions.

By partnering with Industrial Solutions, you get new team members helping you achieve your objectives and solving your most pressing challenges.  Why hire a consultant, when you can contract for the management services you need?

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Industrial Solutions Launches new
Business Game Plan System

After working with multiple customers over the last five years, Industrial Solutions has developed and launched their new Business Game Plan System to help businesses move to the next level of operations. Incorporating best practice tool sets and business theories, the Industrial Solutions Business Game Plan helps you focus on what matters most and build a MBO (Management by Objectives) process to get things done. If your ready to move to the next level, let Industrial Solutions help you build your Business Game Plan. Contact Us to get Started!

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