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Southwestern Petroleum SWEPCO Lubricants Overview


As an industry leader and innovator, Southwestern Petroleum is committed to producing technologically advanced Lubricants that protect equipment assets in even the most severe operating conditions. SWEPCO Brand Lubricants have been helping companies around the world reduce overall operating costs through increased uptime and productivity and lowering maintenance and lubrication expenses.

Southwestern Petroleum manufactures a complete line of chemically superior lubricants marketed under the brand name "SWEPCO", designed to lubricate virtually every type of commercial and industrial equipment.


High Temperature, Extreme Pressure, Food Grade, Open Gear and Semi-Fluid. Grease types include Universal, Non Melt, Moly, High Shock & Load,...

Gear Lubricants

Specialty High Performance Gear lubricants for Industrial and Automotive applications including Multi-Grades, Sprayable Open Gear and Food Grade...

Engine Oils

High Performance Engine Oils including Premium Multi-grade CJ-4 Plus for Heavy Duty Trucks, Multi-Grade Automotive for Passenger Cars, Heavy Duty...

Transmission Fluids

Multi-Purpose Transmissions and Transdraulic Fluids for Heavy Duty Trucks, Passenger Cars and Tractors.

Compressor Oils

Specialty Compressor Oils for Rotary Screw and Reciprocating Compressors and well as for Food Grade Applications.

Wire Rope / Chain & Cable Lubricants

Specialty Anti-Wear Wire Rope Lubricants and Chain & Cable Lubricants.

Metalworking Fluids

Multi-Purpose Heavy-Duty Cutting Oil, Soluble Oil, Semi-Synthetic, Synthetic as well as Machine & Sump Cleaner.

Food Grade Lubricants

Premium Food Grade Grease, Food Grade Compressor Oil, Food Grade Hydraulic Oil, Food Grade Gear & Bearing Oil and Food Grade Spray Grease.

Fuel & Oil Additives

Premium Diesel Fuel Improvers, Gasoline Fuel Additives as well as Oil Additives and Friction Reducers.

Industrial Oils

Specialty and Multi-Purpose Turbine Oil, Oven Chain Lubricants, Power Steering, Rubber Process Oil, Premium Food Grade, Paint Line Conveyor and...

Industrial Spray Lubricants

Specialty Spray Lubricants including Open Gear, Chain & Cable, Penetrating Oil, Moly Dry Lube and Food Grade Machinery Grease.


Specialty Hand and Industrial Strength Cleaners for a variety of applications

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