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SensorGuard Protects Your Assets


The overall SensorGuard approach is simple; when lightning or damaging line voltage fluctuation is detected,

the device physically isolates the equipment from line and neutral. The automated preemptive isolation

provided by SensorGuard is the ultimate protection for electronic equipment; this isolation from the

AC power grid eliminates both lightning and line induced pathways that would otherwise damage sensitive electrical and electronic equipment. SensorGuard is designed to provide a level of electrical protection that only temporary isolation from the AC power grid can achieve. It has long been stated that unplugging your equipment is the best protection. This practice has been followed for many decades at large data centers where switching over to the back-up power supply followed by manually disconnecting from the AC power grid occurs when storm activity is in the area. SensorGuard automates this preemptive isolation from the AC power grid through its patented technology. Once the threat no longer exists SensorGuard reconnects the equipment to the AC power grid.

SensorGuard is unique in its ability to detect a pending lightning strike by identifying the stepped leader event and isolating equipment from the AC power grid in advance of a damaging lightning strike. Only SensorGuard has this capability; no other product automates preemptive isolation. SensorGuard employs an external lightning sensor to continuously monitor for the threat of lightning ground strikes. It detects the build-up of electrons from the clouds and the associated ground based proton surge (the stepped leader event). The sensor then sends an optical signal through a fiber optic cable to the control module which then isolates equipment from the AC power grid prior to a lightning ground strike. The sensor at factory preset sends a signal to the control module when it identifies a lighting strike will occur up to approximately six miles from the site. Range can be adjusted by the user to detect lightning threats from within one half mile to up to 20 miles from the site. The optical signal is used to isolate equipment by opening a definite purpose power contactor, removing the equipment from the AC power grid. Connection to the AC power grid is only restored after threats cease for a time period determined by the user (a timer can be set for between 10 seconds and 30 minutes). If additional threats are detected while the timer is active, it resets; equipment is only allowed to reconnect to the grid once the timer has expired.


The stability of the AC power grid is also a critical issue to electrical and electronic equipment. Consistent grid voltage can no longer be assured on a power distribution grid that is antiquated, saturated, and in poor repair. Conditions such as brownouts, momentary blackouts, line bumps, voltage sags and swells, over and under voltage conditions, and repeated inductive switching events can all lead to serious problems for sensitive equipment. Repeated exposure to any of these conditions can significantly shorten the life expectancy of connected equipment. SensorGuard has the ability to detect these events and isolate electrical and electronic equipment.


SensorGuard monitors AC voltage using a circuit that monitors how quickly supply voltage changes and intelligently identifies when to isolate equipment from the AC power grid. If the voltage changes rapidly, then isolation occurs nearly instantaneously, if the voltage changes slowly, the circuit will wait up to one second to isolate the equipment. Once equipment is isolated, power is not restored for a time period determined by the user (again, between 10 seconds and 30 minutes). This intelligent voltage control is unique to SensorGuard in that it only isolates when the power supply is a threat to the equipment.

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  • SensorGuard Protects your Assets

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