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MSA's SafeSite Multi-Threat Detection System provides continuous 24x7 monitoring and wireless data transmission and alerting for potential threats including Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), combustible gas and oxygen deficiency, gamma radiation, and chemical warfare agents.  Industrial Solutions can customize the system for the specific potentially life threatening situations within your at-risk areas.  Fixed, Mobile, and handheld devices can be combined into an integrated communication systems to ensure that security personnel are quickly alerted to the situation.

Sirius Multi-Gas Detector


Sirius simultaneously monitors volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with low vapor pressures and combustible toxic and oxygen-dificient atmospheres within one portable, handheld gas detector.


SafeSite Multi-Threat Detection System

The Safesite Multi-Threat Detection Sysetm simultaneoulsy monitors and wirelessly communicates potential threats including TICs, VOCs, combustible gas and oxygen deficiency.

SafeSite Sentry


​The Safesite Sentry Chemical Agent Detector is a continuous-use, permanently-mounted detection instrument for facility protection against Toxic Industrial Chemicals, Volatile Organic Compounds, and weapons of mass destruction.

HazMatCad Plus

HazMatCad Plus


The HazMatCad Plus is a handheld detector for Nerve, Blister, blood, choke and other Toxic Industrial Chemicals


SafeConnect and SafeConfig Software


​SafeConnect helps link the handheld devices to the mobile and fixed devices.  Using the SafeConfig software operators and security personnel can view the status of each detection device and receive real-time alerts.

Multi-Threat Detection System

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